Opening door. Opportunity. Direct Primary Care Southaven, MS
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Family Doctor in Southaven Mississippi

Direct Primary Care - Relationship. Access. Value.

Direct Primary Care - Relationship. Access. Value.

Direct Primary Care - Relationship. Access. Value.Direct Primary Care - Relationship. Access. Value.Direct Primary Care - Relationship. Access. Value.

Dr. Richard (Rick) Kelly

210 Goodmad Rd East Southaven, MS Richard Kelly MD


DUE TO CURRENT COVID-19 outbreak, 

in-office and home visits 

may be limited


Beginning July 1, Dr. Richard Kelly MD PA will be Crossroad Health DPC. Direct Primary Care.


Individualized approach

 We  believe that when the control of medical care is returned to the patient and physician relationship, optimal health follows. We have a strong  belief in this model and we are very passionate that the Direct Primary Care system can  benefit you, your health, and most importantly; your family. An  individualized approach to wellness that encompasses traditional evidence  based medicine blended with preventative strategies emphasizing optimal  nutrition and lifestyle changes. Crossroad Health DPC cares about you and will  take care of you in to the best of our ability. A limited patient panel allows us  to have a unique relationship with each of our patients. When your  physician is a partner in your wellness then happiness and health will  follow . 

Exceptional value

The Direct Primary Care model proves that when you tailor your insurance needs and pay directly for your routine medical care,  then you end up saving money in the long term. Unfortunately, most  individuals never meet their deductible for the year and therefore end  up paying for 100% for sub-optimal, fragmented care. The Direct Primary  Care Model eliminates copays and drastically reduces urgent care visits  and Emergency room trips. Our goal is to minimize these types of  emergency driven visits. However, if a situation arises when emergent  care is needed, then your DPC Physician is at the disposal of your  treating physician to help coordinate care and reduce unnecessary  testing. This is why a personal relationship with your physician is  crucial. This particular relationship has been shown to reduce  downstream costs associated with medical care. More time for each  patient equates to less fragmented care. Most of the time, the annual  cost of the DPC membership is less than the average yearly deductible.  This does not take into account the savings that we pass onto you with  use of our discounted labs and generic in-house medications.  Some patients save enough on labs and medications to cover their entire  yearly membership! Schedule a free 30 minute patient consultation with  Dr. Kelly to discuss  the DPC model in detail. Be sure to bring a friend or significant other  so we can get the word out about this new exciting form of primary care! Dr. Kelly will continue to provide Aviation Medical Exams (FAA) to the Mid-south area


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